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Cleaning and environmental services

Environmental services
  • Evaluation of environmental impact of industrial and civil projects
  • Environment surveillance, collection, trasportation and treatment of industrial waste. 
Cleaning services for tankers, FSO/ FPSO, tanks, industrial equipment. Engineering, equipment supply, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of water supply and wastewater systems.
  • Cleaning boilers, equipment, pipelines of heat exchanger system 
  • Cleaning tanks, crude oil transportation and storage facilities; FSO/ FPSO; collection, transportation and treatment of oil residue and waste, treatment of oil contaminated water to meet environmental requirements before discharge
  • Pre-operative cleaning of industrial equipment, pipelines, tanks
  • Cleaning surface for coating and painting
  • Providing solutions for anti-corrosion know-how and management.
  • Water supply treament units for specialized industrial equipment
  • Treatment facilities of wastewater from daily life, hospitals, urban areas
  • Industrial wastewater treatment facilities
  • Solid waste treatment facilities
  • Solutions, materials for environmental treatment and know-how transfer.