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DMC divested all its equity capital in DMC-MIDDLE JSC and DMC-NORTH JSC since 2018

The Drilling Mud Corporation (DMC) has completed the divestment of its equity capital in DMC-Middle Petroleum Chemicals Joint Stock Company (DMC-MIDDLE JSC) and DMC-Northern Petroleum Chemicals Joint Stock Company (DMC-NORTH JSC) since12 June 2018 and 4th December 2018 respectively.

 Therefore, from the dates mentioned above, all transaction/business information of DMC-MIDDLE JSC and DMC-NORTH JSC as members of DMC are totally inaccurate, violating the law, causing misunderstandings for DMC’s partners, customers and shareholders, and seriously affecting the images and brands of Vietnam Oil & Gas Group (PetroVietnam/PVN) in general and DMC in particular.
Therefore, once again, the Drilling Mud Corporation would like to inform the subsidiaries of PetroVietnam, the concerned agencies and DMC’s customers, partners and shareholders that DMC-MIDDLE JSC and DMC-NORTH JSC were no longer subsidiary companies of DMC. In the course of co-operation and transactions, if DMC's customers, partners, and shareholders discover the breach of these two companies in using DMC's company name and trademark, please kindly inform DMC so that DMC has timely preventive measures in order to protect DMC's image, trademark and legitimate rights as well as the rights of its partners, customers and shareholders.
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