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DMC: Early finish of Package No. 5 - the third overall maintenance project of Dung Quat Refinery

According to the plan, the package No. 5 of the third overall maintenance project of Dung Quat Refinery will be completed on July 18th, 2017. However, on July 13th 2017, Drilling Muds Cooperation - the contractor of this package officially completed it and handed it over to Binh Son Petrochemical Company. As such, Package 5 was finished five days early and DMC became the contractor with the most early completion time.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Giang - Director of DMC-ITS Branch - the unit which directly took responsibility for the implementation of the package, said: "We are really happy to be involved as a general contractor for the first time with the responsibility of maintaining a big factory but we have done a great job and got more success than expected. This is the achievement of the whole team, from the guidance of DMC leading board, the thorough preparation of both human and material resources, the efforts and solidarity of the staff of DMC to the support of Binh Son Refinery Company."
DMC’s staffs showing their determination before starting the project
The first success is that DMC has formed a new professional engineering team. At the end of May, before TA3, due to DMC’s staffs were still implementing some projects at Nghi Sơn Refinery Plant and some other service contracts at Dung Quat Refinery, it was necessary that all staff members had to rapidly finish the current projects to be able to startthe new project on time. Moreover, all staffs directly involving in the preparation worked with utmost urgency and responsibility. They were split into teams, such as painting team, mechanic team, scaffolding team to name a few and they had to work for 12 hours per day without any day-offs. While working directly on site, at the most intense moments, they actively do overtime shifts to finish the project early. There are some sections of the package finished 10-15 days earlier such as cleaning the seawater tank, LPG tanks, etc.
Safety is the next factor considered as a great success in this project. Ensuring labor safety on the site is always an important requirement set by the contractor. For package No. 5, 80% of workload must be done in confined space which was lack of air and light, evenin some areas, the environment contained a large amount of hydrocarbon; therefore, workingprocedure and occupational safety weretop priorities. Right at the beginning of implementation period, DMC held a ceremony to launch labor safety. Mr.Ton Anh Thi, General Director of DMC asked all experts, engineers, workers who were in charge of over all maintenance to ensure safe ty for all staff members, equipment, materials, machines of both DMC and Dung Quat Refinery. Safety must be implemented by each individual. He gave a very practical slogan "You stand here today because you were safe yesterday." By the end of the project, DMC had guaranteed 100% safety for both staffs and property.
Instructing DMC’s staffs to use new devices on the site
The next success is that DMC has effectively put into operation some modern equipment used in Vietnam for the first time such as humidification system to help employees have a better working environment in the system of seawater pipesor vacuum device to collect waste after cleaning surface to reduce human resources. In addition, the DMC also boughtpipeline inspection equipment that could go into small pipes of about 8 inches with a length of 250 meters, which made it easy to inspect and evaluate the quality of cleaning services.
The last but important factor contributing significantly to the success of the Corporation is the active support, strict supervision from Binh Son Refinery Company (BSR). From the very beginning, when selecting a contractor who participated in general maintenance as the general contractor for the package No. 5 for the firsttime, BSR greatly facilitated, instructed in detail and shared experiences to the Corporation to help DMC quickly approachthe work. During the implementation of the work, BSR strictly supervised the implementation process; therefore, when the DMC Corporation encountered problems, BSR timely involved in supporting and directly coordinating with the contractor for solutions. This was also one of the great impressions showing the responsibility of BSR’s staffs as well as the spirit of  cooperation with the contractor.
The success of Package 5 has helped DMC gain more experience to confidently participate in general and regular maintenance activities of refineries and power – fertilizer projects for petroleum industry and other ones. 
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